Essential Pieces of Golf Equipment for the Long Game

golf-equipmentOne of the differences of golf from any other sport has something to do with the use of equipment. As a matter of fact golf is one of the sports that use a wide array of tools and devices in order to be able to play the game.

There is a wide array of golf equipment to choose from if a person plans on taking up the game –

The first golf equipment that will come to mind when you talk about the sport is a golf club. A lot of professional golfers started out with one golf club, either it was given to them or they found it lying around in the house.

Five time major champion and formerly world number one Severiano Ballesteros started playing with a 3-iron, a club which was given to him by a sibling. Rory McIlroy, who won the U.S. Open in 2011 and the PGA Championship the following year, used to sleep with the set of clubs given to him as a gift when he was young, while his hands were holding one of the clubs as if he was gripping it to make a shot.
For the long game, the golf clubs in play are composed of the driver, the woods and long irons, which are either used for the first shot on long par 4 holes or par 5 holes.

The fairway woods, which look like a driver but have smaller heads and shorter shafts, are used for fairways and sometimes on the tee if a player wants more accuracy. Greg “The Shark” Norman the 2 time British Open Champion and who has won about 85 tournaments worldwide suggested that sometimes the driver could be used on the fairway as well, as long as the ball is sitting on a good lie. The shot is called “hitting the deck”.

Another piece of golf equipment needed for the long game is the iron, which is numbered from 3 to 9. Although the lower numbered irons are for the long game, there are times when a player needs the higher numbered iron to lay up before an approach shot. There used to be a 2-iron but it is seldom used now. The lower the number of the iron club,the longer it is and the farther the distance of the ball travels. The most famous kind of iron club is the cavity back since it helps compensate a shot when the player does not hit the ball too well.
Hybrid clubs on the other hand act like an iron club but looks like a driver at first glance.

As a matter of fact it is a combination of both, thus the name hybrid, and is used when a player is not too confident in using a long iron on the fairway.

Nowadays, most professional players use one or more hybrid clubs during a tournament –

Golf EquipmentIt has been said the hardest golf equipment to master when a person is still starting to play the game are the ones used for the long game. Between 2012 and the year that followed, a lot of PGA players won a tournament due to the fact they have a superb long game.

One of the best long game players on tour is Tiger Woods; he has won tournaments because of his style of play at the first half of every hole. Even Jack Nicklaus, who has won the most number of major tournaments than any other player on tour said he practiced more on his long game since it is hitting the greens in regulation that will help achieve sinking that dimpled ball in that very small hole for a par or better yet a birdie.

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Using a Portable Misting Fan

A portable misting fan continues to be an indispensable appliance today especially that the climate and temperature change quite unpredictably.

The science behind portable misting fans is known as flash evaporation. Water droplets create micro-fine mist that they evaporate almost instantly.
Coolmate Nanomister Portable Misting fan 2Portable misters are also equipped with a pumping system which is responsible for spraying out 5-micrometer water droplets. Through this, there will be an immediate drop in the ambient temperature also known as the cooling effect.

Portable mist fans are usually used outdoors especially on a blazing hot day. Perhaps, you have seen a misting fan on one of your friends’ patio where most activities occur during the summer season. Sometimes, no matter how enjoyable you want an outdoor activity to be, the high temperature outside can ruin whatever you have prepared for the day. Kids can easily get irateand sweat because of the blistering heat.

We tend to perspire more quickly during burning heat and while humidity is building up. Such scenario can cause discomfort especially to the kids. The portable mister can keep the place cooler than expected.With just 1 or 2 gallons of water every hour, the fan will produce cooling mists at the speed and water vapor amount you desire.

Basically, the use of the misting fan is an eco-friendlier option than using air conditioners. Yes, there are energy-efficient air conditioners, but they still use electricity that requires hundreds to thousands of liters of water to run. With using a mister, you may conserve water which is the most important resource. The lower the pressure required for the mister to run, the less energy it needs.s-I225

Portable misters are equipped with an oscillating system. Such a system lowers the air temperature up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit, so you and your kids and guests may enjoy the whole day conveniently. A 16-inch mist fan unit can cool an entire household. This is enough for a group of up to 10 people. However, for bigger gathering, you may use a larger misting fan that can cool a thousand square feet area.

Furthermore, users are always given an option to use the mist fan as a mister or as a fan. Aside from the built-in wheels, portable misting fans are also designed with a detachable misting system. The misting system produces mists and the fan blows the mist to the farthest possible reach. Even without the misting system, the fan can produce the cooling mist particularly on closer distance. Most portable misting fans can be adjusted to the desired height.

For those who want to go camping or nature-tripping, a portable mist fan can be the most important device to carry. There are battery-powered portable misting fans available in the market. These hand-held portable fans let out up to 1,000 mists that are at least 25 degrees Fahrenheit below the ambient air temperature. Hand-held portable misters come in various color combinations of foam blades and sprayer bottles.

Before you start looking for the perfect portable misting fan for you, think of how you would use it. If you frequently host gatherings on your garden or patio, you might as well purchase a bigger portable mister. Nonetheless, if the fan is for personal or household use only, you may purchase a 24- or 30-inch portable mist fan.Whatever you choose, just make sure that you maintain the mister properly to keep it in optimal condition.

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